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Daffodil Month

6$ from the sale of every Daffodil Tin goes directly to the Canadian Cancer Society, helping support patients, and research for the cure.
Learn more about the Canadian Cancer Society here.
The Canadian Cancer Society is a cause which almost needs no explanation, because we have all known someone who has known cancer in their lives. We understand the immense strength required to support our loved ones in their battle, the resilience and hope needed to get by, and the necessity of finding a cure. This is why we are proud to support an organization who leads the resistance by funding not only research for the cure, but financial and logistical supports for patients, survivors, and family, while renewing all our hope in a future free from cancer.

We have partnered with the Canadian Cancer Society to create a special edition tin with their Daffodil design, symbolic of the resilient flower sprouting from the frost, bringing hope for spring. Filled with our classic chocolates, including an Empress Square, mini creams, chocolate almonds, and a solid mini bar, this tin is a delightful treat and a lasting gift, full of meaning for anyone who has known this battle.
Daffodil Tin
Daffodil Tin
Price $14.50
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