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Something Fishy, by Lise Labbé | 15 Pieces

  • $22.75
  • 200g/7oz
Something Fishy, by Lise Labbé

This 15 piece milk and dark assortment contains a selection of mini creams, truffles, butter caramels and a mini bar.

Artist: Lise Labbé

All of Lise Labbé’s paintings represent a carefree childhood, where children simply love to play and explore all the wonders of the outdoor world.  Fishing has been a long time pastime for children everywhere, especially in the rural areas where the rivers and forests provide countless hours of outdoor fun and exploring. This pastime follows children well into adulthood, creating opportunity to pass this passion on to their children.  The cycle of playing and learning never ends, with each generation always looking for their next adventure.

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